Acceptable Worldwide with VIP Privileges

Mitsukoshi, in collaboration with Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd, introduces the globally accepted Mitsukoshi VISA Card with fabulous VIP benefits:

– Permanent Waiver on Annual Fee

Apply now and you will pay no annual fee for the first two years and perpetual 50% discount from the third year onwards. Once accumulated purchases at Mitsukoshi reach HK$1,000 in one single year, the next year’s annual fee will be 100% waived.

– Free Mitsukoshi HK$200 Gift Certificate

Once your application is approved, you will receive a Free Mitsukoshi HK$200 Gift Certificate for enjoying shopping privileges at Mitsukoshi.
(In case the gift is out of stock, we reserve the right to offer an alternative gift of the same value)

– Exclusive Purchase Discount

The card is accepted in Hong Kong Mitsukoshi Store with 10% discount on regular price items, 5% on specialty items, and in overseas stores with 5% discount. Moreover, cardholders will receive special shopping privileges at Mitsukoshi.

– Privilege Bonus Point Redemption

Cardholders can redeem a Mitsukoshi HK$50 Dining Coupon with every 5,000 bonus points accumulated. The coupon can be used at Restaurant Meadows, Cafe Restaurant Chitose and Saint Etoile Bakery in Mitsukoshi.
(5% discount off at Restaurant Meadows and Cafe Restaurant Chitose by making payment with Mitsukoshi VISA Card)

– Mitsukoshi VISA Card Application

To apply, simply fill in the application form and return to Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd, Credit Card Service Department. Mitsukoshi VISA Card application forms are available at Mitsukoshi Store, G/F, B-1 & B-2.